July 28: Kīlauea LIDAR Data – 3D Renders by Fumihiko Ikegami

Remember how OpenTopography.org recently posted LIDAR surveys of Kilauea from 2009, June and July 2018?

Well, volcanology PhD student Fumihiko Ikegami (@fikgm on Twitter) has been creating great 3D renders using this data.  Click on images below for large-size views of each render.

You can turn, zoom, and view this 3D model from any angle:

Before it all started— years ago, Ikegami created these using the 2009 data:

More renders using July 2018 LIDAR data:

2009, June 2018, and July 2018 renders side by side:

At the beginning of July, he also played around with the June LIDAR survey of the summit:

I’m having a little trouble interpreting his color coding, but I think the amount of red indicates the amount of change in elevation between 2009 and June 2018:

Moving away from the summit of the volcano, here’s the new lava delta, both above and below water. It’s strangely organic:

The light-colored maps superimpose pre-2018 topo map data on the current LIDAR data (as he explained when I asked). So the blue areas are where the ocean used to be, and the boundary of the blue area is the former shoreline.

His Twitter is a treasure trove of interesting volcanic stuff, including a lot of underwater volcanology:

So if you’re on Twitter and enjoy the shapes and forms volcanoes can create above and below water, follow @fikgm.