May 18/19: Good Summary of Eruption to Date

USGS aerial view of lava flow, May 19. (full-sized)

Volcanologist Erik Klemetti pulls everything together for us, reviewing how the Leilani Fissure lava eruptions and the summit ash/steam eruptions have progressed.


Kilauea Eruption Continues: How Long Could It Last?

The eruption at Kīlauea is still captivating the nation, as it should because this volcano hasn’t behaving like this in almost a century. I thought I’d take a moment to step back and review of the main events so far and what it might all mean for Kīlauea and the people who live around the volcano. These eruptions are separated by a long way if you look at the satellite data and should almost be treated at two different events..

Also, here’s today’s CivilDefense briefing and BigIslandVideonews’ splice of afternoon USGS briefing with geologist Carolyn Parcheta plus recent video footage.

Taking from video  (basically telling us which fissures are doing what):

23 fissures, most have died away. Currently active: 17,18,19,20. “17 is producing a fountain that’s almost 100 meters tall.” (that was indeed the isolated, tall fountain on the left last night.) It’s making a’a.

Fissure 20 merged with several other vents (this is the group fountain from last night) and is producing a pahoehoe flow (the river); depending on slope 50-200 meters per hour. Flowing south towards the ocean. Branched into four lobes/flows.

15 has blocked Pohoiki road near Leilani intersection, Fissure 20 blocked Pohoiki on the other side of Lanipuna Gardens [which is why some people had to be airlifted out; in other places civil defense has ordered mandatory evacuation when an area gets down to one escape route.]